Are you struggling to find the time to juggle your business with your family? 

I know as a very busy mom you have a lot to do and want to get things done, am I right? Maybe you have a 9 to 5 and you want your side hustle to turn into your full time career. Or maybe you are just too darn busy and dont seem to have enough time in one day to get everything done. 

Or maybe you are a mompreneur who wants to revamp her entire systems, discover new tools and strategies on how you can be more productive in order to bring in more money in your business.

By the time you forget that you are a mom (wink) there goes the baby, she just woke up and needs a bottle or breastfeeding. Or your kids just came back from school and need help with homework and of course they need to eat because they are hungry too. 

Although you wanted to finish up or start working on your business projects, but after all of that, you can't because you are too tired and ran out of time!

Now you are wishing you were Dorthy and had her red, shiny, ruby shoes to click and to magically wish yourself away because there's no place like home like the beach or the spa to relax at, right? 

I Know How You Feel

"It's life" you may think, " I will never get there" , " How will I ever get a head" But what if you could create more time and freedom for yourself so that your dream business and what you always wanted for your life could come true?

Stop right now & Just imagine that you actually have the time, the motivation, the focus and energy to run a smooth, easy flow business. You can have a space with no interruptions or distractions from your kids.  

Your family is 100% absolutely cooperating with you and helping you meet your needs and helping you with what ever you want. You can be on cloud 9 everyday and "BE HAPPY" just because and become the BMOM Boss you want to be!

You are on a long unexpected, random vacation with your family doing it without no permission whatsoever and finally for the first time in your life you can actually relax and enjoy your peaceful life.  

That can absolutely be you! Can you see it?

This is for YOU if:

  •  You need to learn how to juggle your business with your family

  • You need to MAXMIZE your time management skills

  •  Create the FREEDOM and FLEXBILITY

  •  Make MORE MONEY and increase your CASH FLOW

  •  Have more TIME to spend with your FAMILY

  •  You want your business, life and family to thrive

  •  You want to be genuinely happy because you are fulfilling your purpose with flow and ease

  •  You want the time and energy to serve your tribe that you want to help without losing sleep or sacraficing things you don't want to do like wasting time on unimportant things

  • You want to learn the necessary tools and skills to help with the flow of your business

  • And lastly, but not least, to learn life strategies to use when things don't go as planned

Hello! I am Charity Aumora and I am a Life Coach for busy moms. I am passionate about working with online mompreneurs to help them maximize a life of happiness, peace and freedom. Although I am a single mom at the moment; I still manage to balance my career as an online mompreneur and raise a daughter that is a champion. I juggle all my hats I wear and I want to help you do the same. The question that every mom ask is, "Can I have it all" And the answer is "Yes" and I will show you how to do the same in my BMOM course!

But, I wasn't always there in my life. Once upon a time, there was a man that I met that was the man of my dreams. It almost seemed like it was fate. I met him at my office I worked at, at that time and boy did he look handsome! He looked at me and I looked at him and fast forward we had a baby little girl named Suesha Aumora.

We fell in love with her as soon as we saw her. Although it was the worse pregnancy ever and she did come a little early, it was right on time and a blessing.

A year later, we no longer worked together and not after too long there went his interest with another women and not too long after that I was left by myself, confused, alone and didn't really know exactly what to do.

But I looked in my baby girl's eyes and said we are going to make it no matter what with him or without him.

I continued to pursue my college endeavors, I started my beauty consulting business, and started working part time sometimes full time.

It was very hard, I had to learn how to study to get good grades in college. I always thought to myself, "how will I be able to juggle it all and still graduate, and still mantain my business and still have a life. But every time I would look at my gift (my daughter), then kept pushing on.

Enventually I learned how to juggle everything by being creative, managing my time, looking for all sorts of ways and resources for help to keep me sane and afloat.

That's why I am so passionate to help you with what I have already been through and learned over the years to give you the necessary skills to manage your life and help you save time by not making the incorrect choices while trying to manage it all.

I have created this thorough signature program to help you in all of your ways, including business, life, family, how to get through tough times, to plan ahead to get you through anything and so much more.

"Do You want to be an Online BMOM RockStar"

Learn to be an online BMOM Rock Star who attracts clients that you envision by learning how to maximize your time wisely in order to create an "Untouchable Money Making Operation" that will send you to rock star status in your field in no time!

By the time you graduate from this 8 week course you will be able:

  • Rock your time management skills
  • Be keenly focused on the Gold and still be a RockStar BMOM
  • Balance your career with your lifestyle
  • Say no to the time wasters and yes to success and money
  • Learn the art of focus and dertermination
  • Practice Self Care that will give you more energy to get more things done
  • To be more confident and have a healthier mind set that will make your business a "Money Making Operation"
  • And so much more...

"You will be Amazed at how Your Life and Business will change in an instant"

Especially as a mom! You will be able to spend more time with your kids and go on multiple dates with your own husband or that special person in your life in weeks time. You will be more happy and peaceful like you never had before.

After struggling as a young women on my own as a single mom and almost being homeless and getting through being on the government for survival and moving on from hurts and pains from relationships. I had came to terms that my purpose was more than a number as an employee, or more than a young college student, more than just being a girlfriend, more than even being a mom; I realized my full potential. My full potential is to one day help you shine your brilliance to the moon and back and become the incredible person that you are!

"This is what You will get in the course"

  • In this Module you will Design your dream plan and 
  • Get super focus on what you want in order to move forward and 
  • To plan each step yiu need to take to get closer to your dreams each and every day!  
  • And have the opportunity to create your 2017 Clarity Vision Board with your soul BMOM sisters
  • In this Module you will discover:
  • Your plan for your business in 2017
  • Your daily life for your family and household in order to be prepared for anything. 
  • And We all know that when you are prepared and have everything laid out there are no surprises or set backs.
  • In this Module you will learn how: 
  • To manage your time better in order to Maximize growth in your business and 
  • enhance your quality of life so that you can spend more quality time with your family. 
  • Plus gain insight on valuable productivity hacks that will give you the freedom you've been waiting for.
  • In this Module you will learn:
  • How to cultivate a magnificent mind-set to help you get where you need to be by the new year in your business and in your life as a mom.
  • How to speak like a momboss and learn affirmations to help cultivate the magnificent mind-set
  • How to act like a momboss to help cultivate the magnificent mind-set you need to be a success in all aspects of your life.
  • In this Module you will learn how to:
  • Work smarter and not harder. 
  • Taylor your situation and what you need into systems that work right for you, so that it will work for even when you are away from your business projects.
  • And start implenting the new systems to gain further momentum in your business.
  • In this Module you will learn how to:
  • Discipher what and when it's time to outsource, 
  • Delegate to the people in your household 
  • And what your main responsibilities are, so that you can free up more time for your top priorities.
  • In this Module you will learn how to:
  • Organize your work space, 
  • Get rid of the things you don't need that might be holding you back physically, spiritually and mentally;
  •  And clear things around you to allow yourself to gain more clarity in your business and life.
  • In this Module you will learn how to:
  •  Communicate to yourfriends and /or family members about your business schedule and give you space for that time.
  • Segment your times for each task you need done by using a timer.
  • Get focused when you are working on your business projects in order to speed things up and get things done. 
  • And slow down time even though you might have screaming and running around the house children (wink) so that at the end of the day you can feel super charged and accomplished.

"Special thanks to Charity helping me get laser focused on what I really want in life and helping me put it into action!"

As a mompreneur Charity inspired me with her vision board challenge that helped me get focused and clear on my goals and dreams. She did a fabulous job helping busy moms ike myself also who never did a vision board until her challenge and how to execute those goals with a end date to make them a reality and seeing it daily helps to stay on track.

Charity makes it fun, easy , simple and inexpensive creating your ideal vision for success!"

Ladawn Warren-Plant Base Health Coach


Share the experience with other BMOM's in a private facebook community & get support from one another; PLUS get me every week live in the Facebook community to answer all your questions and comments!

In the bonus you will learn my best Self Care strategies, to learn how to care and love yourself more and to gear you up to being energized so that you can be more productive in your day.

In this bonus you will learn the secrets of communication with your kids and spouse and even your clients, so that you can eliminate frustration, miscommunication and misunderstandings and cultivate the best relationships ever!

In this bonus you will learn how to set budgets for your house hold, how to pay yourself first to have enough money for family vacations, how to unlock the abundance and get rid of spiritual money blocks and so much more!

SIGN UP NOW! and join all the mompreneurs to the road of suucess; for support and community to meet like minded moms and create everlasting relationships!

This course is not for you if you are not an action oriented mompreneur who is serious about upleveling her business, and to be the best mom that you can be!

But you are the mompreneur for this course if you trully care about helping other people and showing up for your tribe and your family and being accountable to your buisness and the growth of it as well!

Join my Group coaching if you need close special attention to get more accountable and go through the course more fluid and easy, and if you need more personal insight. Sign up before the deadline next week and only pay a fraction of the cost of an upfront fee of $500;then it goes up to $999.

If you don't enroll in the course now, I don't know when I will open it up again. Don't waste your time any further to finally join a course like non other out there to really help you learn key and important strategies, tools and systems so that you can create the freedom that you've been looking for! 

I hold your hand and take you step by step throuh the process so that you won't feel overwhelmed or lost in the course and so that you can be successful. I'm not like a lot of programs where they take your money and never show up to help!

I know you care about your familydeeply and you want to show them that you make a difference not only in your life but theres as well. Plus, I can help you save time and money with this 8 week course and so much more!


Do you want to stay in the state of dispair and to continue to struggle with balancing and jugging your career with your family? 

Do you want to deprive your life and the people you serve. 

How will you become the Super Rock Star that you are supposed to become. Do you want to be stagnate and get further and further away from your dreams. 

I know you have already taken the effort to do it yourself but time and time again you failed. 

Do you want to stay stuck in your situation or move further in your business and your life? 

Stop the cycle and take action today to get what you want and deserve in life!

The Doors are closing soon. I don't know when I will open it up again. I have bonuses exclusively for you and I may not be able to have the same one next time!

Registration closes on January 09, 2017

I care about you and your business and getting you where need to be in order to create the freedom and time you want to spend with your kids and even husband. To live the dream only you can imagine. I know thta this is a big decision and investment but you don't want to regret not taking a chancee at upleveling your business and life as a mom that need the freedom and flexibility that you are yearning for. You want to make your kids proud and see you as a super mom handling her business and being their more for them. Contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

You get instant access to the course modules & materials after you pay via paypal.

What are you waiting for, time is ticking and what you want is to create freedom and time for yourself. I don't know when it will open it up again.You don't want to cheat yourself out on what you deserve!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is the course? The BMOM course is 12 weeks.
  • Do I need anything before I start the course? Yes, a notebook binder, highlighters and yourself.
  • What does the modules consist of? PDF worksheets, videos and some audio for your convenience.
  • How often will you be in the group? Every week I will be live streaming in the group to answer questions and comments.
  • How is the group coaching different from taking the course? You will get live calls from me every week to go over all the course material and then I will be able to answer questions and give you personal feedback that will help you be successful in the course. 

I really care about your business and the quality of life and your family. I want the same things you want for yourself as a rock star mompreneur. I see you graduating with 5 stars and really making a difference not only in your life but a ton of lives in the world.

I know tht this is a big decision and investment in yourself, but you don't want to have to ever regret passing something awesome like this course, to not take the chance at upleveling your business to the 1000th degree especially as a mom because you have little ones that are counting on you to make a difference as well.

Contact me if you have any questions or concerns!